Application notes Micinorm

Cream Micinorm easy to use. According to him, no greasy residue remains on the clothes. So it is in any time of the day. In the packaging with the medication guide attached.

Application Instructions Cream Micinorm

Apply the complex to the affected zones, apply with circular massage movements. Carefully distribute Bio-agent on the surface of the nail plate or the skin, attack the healthy areas. In the application of stable or applicator is recommended. Course Micinorm is seven days. After five days, repeat the treatment to get the best efficiency.

For the prevention of the Sauna, the swimming pool, the Solarium is valid once after the visit. And also, the gym and public places, where there is the probability of catching the fungus.

Positive Features Micinorm

The cream is recommended for people who have any type of fungal infection. In the case of the appearance of the following signs and symptoms, immediate treatment requires:

  1. The unpleasant smell of shoes and feet.
  2. Not the end of itching of the skin.
  3. Thickening and yellowing of the nails.
  4. Brutalization Stop, the formation on calluses and cracks.
  5. Hair loss in the areas of localization of the lesion.
  6. The emergence of pink and reddish spots on the face and on the body.
  7. Inflammation and exfoliation of the feet and fingers.
  8. The appearance of the head of hair itching and dandruff.
  9. Neoplasms in the Form of small ulcers and blisters, the itching.


According to multiple studies, Tests and trials clinical that the drug Micinorm completely harmless for the health. It causes no allergic reactions and side effects. But in some cases, the intake of Bio-cream is not desired:

Individual intolerance to the components. Allergic reactions to the ingredients. Age of children up to three years.

Before the use of anti-fungal product, it is recommended to see a doctor. It is correct, professional advice and system for the application, if necessary.