Reviews Micinorm

  • Dewi
    Recently, the cream to use, but the effect is already being felt. I can say that there are a lot of resources, but the result as such does not get. Micinorm mine came complete, no problems in use occur. Overall, I am satisfied, therefore I recommend!
  • Rani
    I was treated micinorm about a month with interruptions. Legs took a mess in the army's shoes, fungus for about a year. Cream helped remove recovered the inflammation and itching between the toes the skin after a week. But the fungus kill the nail more time. But the effect is striking, and cream kills the mouth odor, nail process method: cold drawn / cold pink healthy.
  • Yuliana
    I have developed fungus after a stay in a Hotel. He was distributed. But micinorm back inflammation paid very quickly.
  • Sherly
    A decent cream against the fungus, and I know what I'm talking about, I have already tried, and others, when faced with this unpleasant Problem. Now it is already in the past, but I can say that Micinorm so good to me helped. First of all, only the symptoms, and then the Problem completely went. No more back and I am happy with this result. The prices are reasonable, it is possible to buy!
  • Sherly
    I constantly visits the Pool. Apparently there and took the mushroom. Delivery immediately, but only if terrible started to itching of the feet and finger nails change. Cream Micinorm recommended that in trusting conversation of a good friend. Packaging — convenient, with dispenser. You need a very small amount and quite good RUB to apply to the skin of the feet and on the nails. A bottle was enough for me for 2 weeks of use. The unpleasant smell of this unique Bio-cream withdrew immediately. After 3 days, the skin on the legs has ceased to peel and itch. Nail plate to grow back to normal color, without damage. For the month completely healed.
Reviews Micinorm